If you have an Online Business, a solid offer, and can invest $16.67 per day into increasing your closing skills, then my Freestyle Closing training can potentially help you…


More sales for your online business...

“Now, my closing methods won’t do a lick of good for the info-junkie, get rich quick, lazy and unambitious types, who are not willing to put in the work to increase their skill sets.  

But if you have the ambition to grow your online business into a worldwide  phenomenon, and the character to stick through all the growing pains...

Then maybe, just maybe… I can help you double the sales you’re currently getting for your online business.”

Destrie at the No Excuses Summit 
with Online Entrepreneur Legend 
Mark Hoverson: 
Who took his family out of the Trailer Park 
and became a millionaire with his Online Marketing skills. 

Dear Online Entrepreneur, 

If you want to double (or even triple) the sales your business makes from chat closing online…

While cutting your prospecting time in half, eliminate that feeling of rejection, knowing exactly what to say, and handle any objection thrown your way, then this letter will show you how. 

Here’s the story:

My name is Destrie Monis and over 12 years ago I started my journey in online marketing. 

I was a broke college student and made it out to my first live event in Las Vegas, where I saw people (in real life) making thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars with their online businesses. 
I decided then and there that I would do whatever it takes to be able to create the lifestyle that these online entrepreneurs were making. 

I bought course after course, read tons of books, spent thousands of dollars making it out to more LIVE events, invested a ton in coaches…

I tried affiliate marketing, blogging, putting up videos, coding my own website, creating my own courses...

But nothing seemed to work out.  

These people made online marketing seem so easy... 

But here I was struggling to make only a few hundred bucks a month. 

And then I discovered someone different online. 

This guy was teaching about 3 High Income Skills

and one of these high income skills was Closing.

That if you learned and mastered... 

You would make the kind of money you want,  live the laptop lifestyle that you wanted, and never have to struggle for money ever again, because you cultivated the ability to produce. 

He was a millionaire by 24, a white house recognized entrepreneur, best-selling author, contributor to entrepreneur magazines...

AND he was hiring at the time...

So I decided to apply to work with his team. 

That way I could learn exactly what it took to run a successful online business.

Out of the hundreds of people that applied and didn’t get accepted... 

I made the cut.

And I spent over a year with his company and discovered the secret chat closing skills it took his company to make over $303k in one month (even as high as $491k)... 

All in the middle of the pandemic. 
And he did it all through…

Chat Closing.

If you’ve ever been pitched through the DMs (Direct Messenger)...

You know what I mean.

But the way he did it made people actually want to buy from him, without ever having to get on a single phone or video call.  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each month were all made through chat alone.

And I thought to myself, 

“If people in the online business industry learned these secret chat closing strategies.... they wouldn’t have to struggle to make more sales (like I did) for years anymore.”

So I decided to teach these profitable Chat Closing principles and strategies to help people get out of the corporate rat race faster, and create their version of their Freestyle Lifestyle quicker. 

A Word of Caution...

Now, if you’re the type of person that likes to binge watch training videos and not take action on anything...

Or if you’re down to your last dollar and looking for a get rich quick course to make money to pay the bills this month or put food on the table…
Do NOT get this training because this isn’t for you. 

Don’t buy this course on impulse or if you really can’t afford it. 

It takes time to implement the strategies I share in this training.  

It could take weeks, months, or even years 

Depending on how much focused effort you take to create the income online that you’ve always wanted.

So you can spend more time with your family, hand your boss in your notice and take vacations whenever you want. 

Now, I’ve broken the strategies into short simple steps to take action on.

And it won’t be easy.

But if you believe (as billionaire Warren Buffet says) that:

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.”

And you’re an action taker, looking for the exact steps to take action on to get more sales for your online business…

Read on.

You Simply Can Not Find Any of These
Chat Closing Secrets Anywhere Else Online

I call this training :

“Freestyle Closing”

And besides the select few people who worked directly with this millionaire influencer… 

Almost nobody knows these simple (but highly-advanced) chat closing secrets exist. 

And guess what?

If you respond to this message today…

I will send these hardcore chat-closing secrets straight to your inbox… 

to use and apply without any risk to you… 

even FREE, if you choose. 

I’ll explain this “no-lose” deal in a second. 

But first, here’s a quick glance of the secrets found in Freestyle Closing. 

Here's What You Get:

  • A six-step chat closing strategy (used by six and seven figure celebrity influencers) to take you from lead to sale in a matter of minutes - but only if you get everything else right. 
  • The ONE word you’ll hear (from the world’s most-feared negotiator) to know exactly when to start the close.
  • The hidden 3 high income skills to focus on if you want to create your freestyle lifestyle - laptop in hand ready to travel the world at a moment’s notice. 
  • ​Module Missions to complete before moving forward in the training…
...If you’re tired of buying course after course and not getting any results because you didn’t implement the information...this will stop that dead in its tracks. 
  •  Simple short videos you can binge watch waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop for your Americano - that you can implement that very same day. 
  • A super simple 30-second lead generation strategy (used by a 7-figure social media influencer) to get people messaging YOU about your business.
  • ​A secret closing technique used by criminal profilers to get people to buy your products or services, credit card in hand shaking ready to buy.
  • ​The 3 rules of selling that will make people want to buy from you and no one else. 
  • ​The 5 types of closers and the number one type you need to become to make the most sales (most companies train their reps to be the least effective type)
  • ​The secret 3 rules of closing almost nobody knows.
  • ​The 3 main objections you’ll get in every sales conversation and how to overcome each one. (Every other objection is just a variation of these three)
  • ​The exact numbers to hit to make sure you hit your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.
  • ​6 weapons of influence for persuading your prospect to feel compelled to buy from you and only you. 
  • The secret four-step formula government recruiters used to close people into becoming spies. 
  • The single most-violated rule of closing (get this wrong and your prospects run towards the hills)
Let's take a break and expand on this for a bit…

One of the biggest mistakes I see in closing and online marketing in general is talking to the wrong people.

In the first module, we will cover the secret 4 questions to ask yourself before you start marketing… so you make sure you’re never talking to the wrong people.

Let’s keep going…

  •  The major flaw in 99% of online prospecting (get this right and you never have to worry about rejection ever again)
  • The 4 simple questions you must ask yourself before closing the sale.
  • The exact number of times people need to see your offer before they move forward and buy your products or services. 
  • A rare follow-up template that gets even the coldest prospects responding to your messages
  • The Big Lie of “the fortune is in the follow up.”
  • The number one rule you must follow when you’re closing the sale to actually get it. 
  • The secret, almost automatic way to ensure over a 40% response rate to your opening message.
  • ​The little known four questions to ask yourself before you start reaching out to your market. (Knowing this will save you hours of time talking to the wrong people)
  • Step-by-step walk through videos on exactly how to close more sales for your business through chat. 
  • ​Secret techniques to get inside of the head of your market - almost like you’re reading their mind. 
  • The secret tool I personally use in chat, that saves you hours of time to get more sales
  • The exact script templates on what to say in chat to close the sale.
  • No bars-held sales chats to model.
  • How to close sales in chat, without rejection, fear or high-pressure selling
  • How to “position” yourself as the expert before you even make your first sale. 
  • How to get people on social media to approach you and ask about your business
  • ​How to answer the dreaded “what do you do” question 
  • The hidden sales flow (invisible to the untrained sales eye) no one taught you to look for... so you know exactly where someone is in the sales process and how to get them to the next step, all the way to closing the sale.
  • And much much more...

How Much Does it Cost...

So how much does Freestyle Closing cost?

Not nearly as much as you think. 

How much would you invest in a training that showed you the secrets to making $100k+ months through chat alone?

Especially since I could easily charge $5000 for this and still give you the deal of your life. 

But you don’t have to pay $5000, $2500, or even $1000...

If I hear from you today… 

You can get all of these million-dollar chat closing secrets for just $497

Plus, it comes with an iron-clad 12-month guarantee.

If at any time during the next Year...

You don’t honestly think you can close at least $500 in sales for your online business using these secrets...

Or if your competitors or team members don't start asking you for advice on how to close more sales through chat…

Just let us know and we’ll give you a 100%, “no-hassle” refund. 

That means you have zero risk and can actually…

Use These Advanced Chat Closing Strategies...
Free, If You Choose

But time is short and you must act fast. 

I’m NOT keeping the price this low forever. 

And I can almost guarantee you are throwing away money each time you message a prospect without knowing these secrets. 

It’s so easy to order, too.

Just click on Add to Cart button below and follow the simple instructions.

After that, you’ll get instant access to Freestyle Closing straight to your inbox.

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis

Destrie chat closing remotely
 on his home island of Kauai 
at the Koloa Landing Resort