If you have a personal brand, a smartphone and can invest $3.23 a day to grow your following through video then our course can potentially help you create story and reel videos that are nothing short of...


“Our methods won’t help you become a celebrity influencer overnight and definitely don’t work for creatives who aren’t willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to make attention grabbing videos for their audience…

But, if you’re willing to take your smartphone, get behind the camera, and shoot fun and interesting lifestyle videos…

Then you will soon discover how to make videos that command attention, and lead your audience to reach out to you about your brand, business, products or services.”

Destrie and Derrick living 
their Freestyle Lifestyle
Go Karting in Tokyo's Streets.
Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

If you want to learn how to create captivating story videos for your personal brand without the need for expensive camera or lighting equipment, fancy editing software or even cinematic filmmaker shooting skills… then this letter will show you how.

You see I used to spend a lot of time building up our Personal Brands by endlessly creating content on social media, buying expensive camera gear and lighting equipment, only to get zero engagement and see crickets in the comments section, and get lesser views than a cat video on Superbowl Sunday. 

I soon discovered that I didn’t need any of that to create captivating video content to build a following and generate leads and sales for my personal brand and business.

You just need a simple camera set up and an idea to capture attention long enough for people to hear what I had to offer, then raise their hand reaching out that they wanted to learn more and become customers. 

My brother Derrick (who is a Freelance videographer based in Hawaii doing work for IG models and wedding venues) and I decided to partner up to combine his skills in creating story telling videos for his clients and my skills in online marketing to put together a course that can help any freelancer, personal brand, coach, or solopreneur take a simple camera setup and create amazing lifestyle videos to build your audience.

And we call this course:


Here's a peak at what you'll get inside the 
Capture Your Freestyle course:

  • Create captivating story videos without the need for expensive editing software 
  • ​The simple equipment you need to capture captivating story videos to build your personal brand without having to break the bank
  • ​The secrets to the first 3 seconds of your video to capture the most attention
  • ​How to tell stories through video to get more leads, sales or clients for your personal brand or business
  • ​Where you can get free and paid music resources to make your videos more exciting to buy from
  • ​Our most recommended editing software you can use without having to fork over hundreds of dollars
  • ​The little known app we use to break up long-form videos and upload them into IG or FB Stories in under a minute
  • ​How to market your videos to grow your following and get people to raise their hand on your products and services
  • ​A secret strategy used by social media influencers on how to monetize their stories
  • ​Free and paid strategies and resources on how to grow your following without spending a fortune on ads
  • ​A quick little app that you can create videos when you're traveling straight from you're phone - no hardcore editing software or laptop needed
  • ​And much more…

How Much Does it Cost...

So how much does Capture Your Freestyle cost?

Not nearly as much as you think. 

How much would you invest in learning how to create captivating story videos without the need for expensive equipment or fancy editing software?

Especially since we could easily charge $1,000 for this and still give you the deal of your life. 

But you don’t have to pay $1000, $500, or even $250...

If we hear from you today… you can get all of these captivating video secrets for just $97

Here are some captivating examples of the style of videos you could create 
with this course:

Destrie and Kay exploring Kauai on Holiday
Derrick hiking and shooting content on Oahu
Destrie and Derrick exploring Tokyo on Go Karts
Derrick exploring Japan
But time is short and you must act fast. 

We are NOT keeping the price this low forever. 

If you grab a copy today you will also get instant access to:
  • The Freestyle Lifestyle Handbook - where you can discover the 5 Simple Moves to create your Freestyle Lifestyle
  • ​Target Audience Worksheet
  • ​Copywriting Cheat Sheet of Power Words to Use in Your Marketing
  • ​Closing Cheatsheet so you know the ONLY 3 objections you’ll get when collecting a decision on your products or services.

Get access to Capture Your Freestyle Today:

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie and Derrick Monis

Destrie and Derrick Monis exploring the 
Shinjuku District in Tokyo Japan