If you have a somewhat responsive email list, a High-Ticket Offer, and willing to invest in your Online Business, then my Freestyle Copywriting services can potentially help your business convert more sales from your email list on your very next email...

“My methods won’t do a lick of good for beginner online entrepreneurs, coaches who don’t understand the basics of marketing, or solopreneurs who haven’t even started an email list... or have no high-ticket offer to speak of, or even freebie seekers searching for an endless supply of giveaways and videos to help them grow their amateur online business.  

But, if you’re willing to write a short and simple email to your list daily (to make it insanely responsive) AND you already have a proven High-Ticket Offer to promote… I can help you as much as double the conversions of your high ticket offer on your very next Email Campaign.”

Destrie working remotely at his home island 
on Kauai at the Koloa Landing Resort.

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

If you want the rare ability to convert your high-ticket offer into more sales on complete demand...

Practically every time you run a high-ticket promotion to your email list, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

When I first got started online… 

I was working as a District Sales Manager in Southern California for the HVAC Industry. 

I wanted to be able to work from home, because I was traveling so much driving up and down the coast of California... 

That I would spend more Face Time with the 405 Highway...

than I did with my own family.

I bought tons of online courses, attended free training after training, invested in coaches, and spent at least $25K to attend live events (where I would pay for expensive event and airline tickets, hotel stays, and food while traveling) - searching for the answers to be able to work from home remotely, so I could spend more quality time with my family.

And then one Monday (the day right before my 32nd birthday)…

I got a call from my sales manager and the HR department that led with...

“Destrie, we decided to terminate your employment.”

And I panicked.

I had a fiance that was a stay-at-home mom to our (at the time) two-year old son.

And decided that I didn’t want to go back to the corporate world - where they can let you go at any time, for any reason.

So I searched online for a solution to be able to work from home, remotely. 

And I connected with a 7-figure social media influencer who taught about the concept of:

3 High Income Skills.

Where if you learned them and mastered them...

You would never go hungry, never struggle for money, and can generate it anytime you need it (because you’ve cultivated the ability to produce)

And the 3 high income skills he taught about are:
  •  Copywriting
  •  Closing
  •  Speaking
And I was able to work remotely online as a chat closer for his company and simultaneously learned what it took to become a high-ticket chat closer.

Where we would close high-ticket informational products... 

 Through chat alone. 

Here are some of the results I was able to help this influencer 
achieve while working with his team:

Our biggest month on his main social media account was $496K and second highest being $303K.
And the insane part about this was…

This was all in the middle of the pandemic

And then after working with his company and his chat closing agent team for a little over a year... 

He decided to let his freelance agents go.

So once again, I was left scrambling to find another income stream to support my family. 

I decided then and there - that I would never again put myself in a position where I would work for someone else...

Where I could get let go for any reason and the income stream (for my family) could fall to zero at the drop of a hat. 

And I decided to go into business for myself and focused on harnessing my high-income skill of copywriting because I saw a huge demand for it...

Especially, as more and more people started to search for ways to make a full-time living online - due to the pandemic.

I even got certified as a verified AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.) Copywriter, who are a  training company that specializes in teaching people Copywriting as a Profession.
And started taking on different freelance projects to help online entrepreneurs - who needed help writing sales letters for their offers and creating email marketing campaigns for their high-ticket products...

Because frankly, I love to write.

That I even started writing a **daily** newsletter where I share daily tips on how corporate professionals (like how I used to be)...

Can become online entrepreneurs and work remotely full-time -  with nothing more than a High-income Skill and an Internet connection. 

So they never again have to worry about getting let go from a corporate job or have to depend on another company for an income stream, ever again.


Here’s the deal:

I created copywriting packages for Online Entrepreneurs called...


However, they are very expensive

And definitely NOT for everyone.

Here’s what I mean:

This is not for the control-freak entrepreneur who wants to have their say at every step of the copywriting process... 

From the initial ad, email, to the sales page, down to even email copy and subject line.  

If that’s you… 

You best be looking elsewhere for lower tier copywriters offering their services on Upwork (or even worse FB)

Who will bend to your every command because that won’t be me. 

However, if you are looking to hire a copywriter who can help you get actual results with their copy…

And not just a freelance “team member” who must have your input at every step of the way... 

Then read on.

What’s more:

My “Freestyle Copywriting” email package will help you turn your sleepy or somewhat-responsive email list into a rabid hyper-buying frenzy on your very next email promotion... 

But only if you already have an email list and a proven high-ticket offer to send them to.

That’s my goal for you.

I want you to be able to run a hyper-effective email promotion, 
(that I’ll create for you), to close more high ticket sales for your online business.  

And then (as long as you have a quality list that you are constantly building and consistently building a relationship with) 

Keep making new high ticket sales every month you decide to run this single promotion to your email list. 


You also get a few valuable “perks” too.

The first of which is having me as your go to copywriter on standby**

Every time you get stuck with your next email promotion, sales letter offers, or even the very next email you decide to mail to your list. 

Or ANY copywriting project you have going on for your business.

**This is an added bonus exclusive only to my Freestyle Copywriting Clients.  

Here’s what you’ll get as a Freestyle Copywriting client today:

  •  One Sales Letter page of converting sales page copy for your High-Ticket offer. 
  • A 14-email promotion sequence you can send to your list each and every month to get your high ticket offer converting like wildfire. 
  • ​A simple Broadcast Schedule of when to time your emails - so you get the most bang for your buck
  • ​A 14 Email Subject Line Theme cheat sheet with examples - (so you will never have to guess about what to write for an email subject line that will get your droopy email list to not only open up your emails immediately)... but also open and primed to hop onto your high ticket offer with their hands shaking, credit cards in hand, ready to buy. 
  • ​One Landing page and opt in copy specifically  for your offer - ready to bring in a flood of new leads onto your ever-growing email list.
  • And much much more...
But first, to see if we are even a good fit for each other...

We will get on a quick video call. 

And since I am extremely busy with copywriting projects 

(for my own business and my clients’ businesses)…

There is a deposit required to schedule a copywriting consult call with me.

Here’s why this is important:

I could easily charge $997 for a copywriting consultation call like this....

On its own.

But it’s not going to cost $997, $797, or even $597...

I am offering this copywriting consultation call for your online business 

Today for only $297

But only if you hurry and book a scheduled time slot today.

(The deposit for this consultation call will be applied to any Freestyle Copywriting package you decide to move forward with after our call.)

And if either of us decide we're not a good fit…

We can end it right there with no hard feelings. 


Here’s a peak at what we will cover 
during our short-time together:
  •  Your current strategy for selling your high ticket offer...
  • What’s working now… 
  • What’s NOT working...
  • Your monthly income goal with your offer...
  • Your current advertising budget and how to increase it with my copywriting email promotion strategies...
  • And much much more...
But time is short.

And I’m only opening my calendar up for 5 4 Clients this month.

My copywriting packages are very expensive and are definitely NOT for everyone.

So before even considering booking a call…

Here is what you must already have in place:

  • An email list of at least 1000+ subscribers (will consider a list of 500 - but only if your email list is responsive)
  • ​Your email list must be Responsive -  either you connect with your list daily or at the very minimum... 3 times per week.
  • ​An already Proven AND Converting High-Ticket Offer… (nothing less than $2500)
Otherwise, we would both be wasting each other’s time.
So think very carefully before you even consider clicking that Book Now button below…

Because time is more precious than money and we don’t want to waste either.

If after all that...

You still want to book a call with me...

Click the Book Now button below:
Pick a Date and we will speak soon.

Til next time…

Freestyle Your Lifestyle!

Destrie Monis
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